Travel Tips

What to prepare before traveling?

Plan ahead Before your Trip.

So many us are always looking for Travel Tips when it comes to traveling. So here’s my list for you:

    1. Consult with your fellow Travelers/trusted Travel Consultant, on your future holiday destination.
      You can check out for some references.
    2. Monitor your AIR FARES.
      Once you have decided on your destination, browse through a few selections of cheaper booking engines. For International Destinations, I highly recommend for it will guide you to every detail you need from cheapest dates available, destinations, to which booking website is the cheapest to book your ticket!
    3. Gather INFOs on destinations.
      Get as many informations as you can about your destination(s). Details from Best Time to visit, weather, places to visit, things to do & to eat, where to stay, and How to go (5W1H). Create a Draft, and later an itinerary for the trip. This is to keep you in track! Don’t forget to check if your destination requires VISA.
    4. Expand your NETWORK.
      Having friends and relatives everywhere around the world is always a benefit. Something somehow is granted, it can be accommodation (Best of all), local tips, companionship, and even food!
    5. First thing First: BOOK the MOST Crucial Elements.
      This includes 2 most important elements: Flights / Transport and Accommodation. You have your draft itinerary on hand already, you shall proceed with the bookings. Apply VISA if needed.
    6. Pack LIGHT.
      Avoid unnecessary baggage charge and make your movement easier while traveling. On top of that, if you want to travel light, avoid Winter. This can double or even triple your carriage.
    7. You are READY to go! Make sure you have all your camera, wifi/simcard ready to capture and share your fun time traveling! 😉
me with the backpack set for 2 weeks Europe Trip in 2016

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