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Celebrating New Year’s Eve at Times Square, NYC

United States or what we know as the America is always a place to be, well at least for me.

My trip to USA had always been wonderful. And last year December, I went there again for my third trip. One Mission to accomplish this time: to celebrate a New Year’s Eve at Times Square!

Such an experience. and all i can say to those who want to experience this is, be prepared!

Here a brief description about what’s going to happened hours before the Eve:

The stage where the ball drop and performance takes place will be in the middle road of Times Square. Most road connecting to Times Square will be closed. and if you want to stand in the front of the stage, you got to be the first people in line of course. and this means you have to be there as early as possible like even 10 am (Dec 31) or earlier. But bare if mind, to always look for sign which road is accessible to get in. 


  • There is going to be so a massive crowd, and if your body size is like me, asian petite size, one thing in mind: “I have to be in the front!” otherwise, it’s hard to even see the stage! what more for the artists.
  • Be aware of the weather forecast! it will definitely be Cold, yes, because it is winter. but apart from it, if the weather forecast says it’ll be raining, you better be prepared. Raincoat is a must! Don’t bring umbrella, it won’t work. and the fact that the security will take throw it away. (it happened to me,  when i JUST bought that umbrella minutes before the queue for USD 7! *heart-breaking). And don’t forget about your comfortable water-resistant boots.
  • Travel light. This means that you have to dress up simple and NO big bag. The security will not care whether you’re bringing a Gucci Bag or LV bag, if they think the bag is big, they will take it away.
  • No Toilet. Once you get into the ‘secured area of Times Square, there is no way out-and-return, meaning you have to stuck there for the whole day til the party starts. What happens if you need to go to the toilet? you have to hold it which mostly is impossible or you have to go out and waving goodbye to your spot. What I’d have been done and I can suggest to you is to equipped yourself with a diaper. Yes, you can get the grandma’s diaper to help you survive the day!

But, for all the experience in once in a lifetime, I do recommend this.

Wondering what happened with me at that time?

Failed. LoL. It was raining non-stop and our jackets were not the warm enough. We managed to get it at first at around 2 PM; managed to have lunch at the restaurant within the restricted area and enjoyed the meal that we did not think we were supposed to go and reach that front area. After giving our body some warmth and thought we’re ready; once we stepped out, we got stopped by the security and after lots of trials; we gave up. We stepped out of the ‘zone’ and looked for another place to watch the ball drop, and of course, a toilet stop first!

After a recharge, we thought of trying again. HaHa. Bought an umbrella (which then you read the story already), and after a long queue with my friend’s bag almost got thrown away (yes, a liltle bigger bag and it’s Prada!), we managed to get it. (First attempt: tried to hide it under the jacket: FAILED. too big still Lol; then we moved to another entrance. There, we managed to pass the security).

Once we’re in the zone, like about 6 pm, it was already full of people. we got few rows behind, and as I said, with our tiny Asian size with the unstoppable rain, I thought that was it. We shall move on… Home!

We were so cold and wet outside, while home was so warm..

– finally, we returned home.. counting down in the warm living room with the family and wine 🙂 –

But, Nevertheless, I’d still recommend you for this once-in-a-life time experience, the Hype of more that 1 Million people under the 2,688 crystal triangles illuminated by 32,256 LEDs. 🙂 



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